Below are a list of Frequently-Asked-Questions. We will update this list regulary as needed. Check back often.

What is provided by the Association as part of my maintenance fees?

General maintenance landscaping (cut grass, trim bushes, fertilize, mulch beds regularly on an as needed basis), lawn sprinklers, common area complete maintenance including pool and bathrooms.

Who is responsible for repair & maintenance for the interior & exterior of the units?

Glenmont Commons is a Planned Unit Development, and you belong to a Homeowner’s Association, not a Condominium Association. The major differences being you as owners own your townhouse and structure, and the property directly in front and behind your units. The responsibility for the insurance, repair and replacement of your roof, siding, decks, doors and windows, snow removal, trees, shrubbery, and your mulched area which lie on your property boundaries are all each individual homeowner’s responsibility.

What type of insurance do I need?

You will require regular homeowner’s insurance (Insurance type HO3) to cover everything listed in the answer above. Condominium insurance covers only the interior structure, from the sheetrock in, and interior contents. There is no blanket condominium insurance policy which protects and covers your property in front or behind your unit or the exterior of your townhouse. If you have condominium insurance only, and there is a major loss due to fire or other disaster, the exterior and structure would not be covered, and the responsible owner would be held liable for the loss. The Association maintains insurance which covers the common grounds between units and wooded areas, and the recreation areas. All of the above information can be substantiated in the Easements, Covenants & Restrictions and bylaws, which should be presented at closing to the buyer. If you need a copy of the ECR’s and bylaws of Glenmont Commons, contact CPM.

What is the garbage and recycling schedule ?

Visit the Parsippany township website for details.

How do I dispose of bulk/furniture/construction debris?

Visit the Parsippany township website for details.

How do I get new/replacement or update stickers for my pool badges?

Homeowners must fill out a Pool Badge Application or make an appointment to come to the CPM office.

What are my property boundaries & rules associated with?

Your property extends front & rear of your unit (refer to your individual property survey for exact dimensions), it is your responsibility for tree/shrub replacement if they are dead/dying. The streets are public property governed/patrolled & enforced by the Township of Parsippany.

What are the parking rules?

For more information on parking, please visit the Parsippany municipal codes website.

Can I change my exterior light fixtures?

For more information, please review the outdoor lighting resolution document.

Can I change my storm door?

For more information, please review the storm door resolution document.

I would like to install a satellite dish. What do I need to consider?

For more information, please view the rules and regulations page.

What are the Pool dates/hours of operation?

For more information, please review the pool hours.

What are the Pool rules?

For more information, please review the pool rules document .


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Property Management Information

Cedarcrest Property Management (CPM) should be contacted regarding common area maintenance, safety, quality of life or bylaw/regulation violation issues. CPM can be reached during normal business hours at: 973-228-5477 voice or 973-228-5422 fax.

Primary contacts are:

For property management issues:
Thomas Chilenski, ext. 120
For financial and maintenance payment issues:
Lauren McIntyre, ext. 300
For General Questions:
Thomas Chilenski, ext. 120

Emergeny Only:
For true emergencies after normal business hours, call 973-228-5477 and press #9. A true emergency is defined as extreme danger or damage to life and property.

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